Greenhouse calendar - November

Greenhousecalendar November



The calendar says November, and the weather has drastically changed to wetter conditions, with an average temperature around 5 degrees Celsius and only 50+ hours of sunshine. Despite this, there are still opportunities to enjoy productive hours tending to greenhouse chores.


Greenhouse Maintenance:
  • Unscrew the cylinders in the automatic window openers and store them in a frost-free room over winter.
  • Remember to secure the windows to prevent them from fluttering in the winter wind.
  • If you haven't already dismantled your automatic window openers, it is time to do so. Remove the clip, dismantle the cylinder, and then use comic strips to keep the window openers together, preventing them from opening with a puff of air.
  • Prepare for storms by securing loose items in the area around the greenhouse.
Greenhouse Chores:
  • Create a corner in the greenhouse tentatively covered with bubble wrap for frost-sensitive plants.
  • Ventilate the greenhouse on hotter days.
  • Consider giving the greenhouse a thorough wash with a stiff brush and brown soap.
  • Take advantage of early forcing by digging up rhubarb and starting it in the greenhouse.
  • Transfer some chives and other herbs into the greenhouse for an early harvest next year.
Garden Tips:
  • Plant a new grape variety if the current one hasn't had enough time to fully ripen.
  • Protect delicate plants by covering them with sprigs of spruce.
  • If you have trees and bushes to plant in the fall, now is the time to do so.
  • Prune deciduous plants.


As the cold sets in, it's a good idea to insulate the greenhouse if you still have plants wintering inside. If you've already emptied the greenhouse, consider cleaning it now (using, for example, Juliana Greenhouse Cleaner) to prevent vermin from overwintering and affecting the next garden season.

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