Greenhouse calendar - June

Greenhousecalendar June


June marks the beginning of summer and typically blesses us with plenty of sunny weather, making it the sunniest month on average in England. As one of the busiest months in the greenhouse, June's task list is longer than other months. This is the time to ensure everything is thriving for a successful harvest of homegrown vegetables.

Greenhouse Maintenance 
  • The summer break is approaching, so consider who will care for your plants if you plan to vacation. A Solar Automatic Watering system ensures automatic watering, using solar energy to adjust watering based on conditions and the season.
Greenhouse Chores
  • With the greenhouse now filled with plants, remember to fertilize, and water. Use a watering can with 10 grams of fertilizer in 10 litres of water. Read more about fertilizer here. 
  • Check for pests.
  • Melon plants bloom in late June; aid fruit production by pollinating the plants. Monitor the root neck of melons and cucumbers for attacks by chanterelle mushrooms. If an incident occurs, save the plant by replanting the stem in fresh soil.
  • June's higher temperatures affect the greenhouse; use a Min-Max thermometer to monitor it. Regularly air out the greenhouse by keeping doors and windows open 24/7 to prevent temperature swings and reduce the risk of diseases, especially mold attacks.
  • Consider window openers and use plant spirals to support tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers.
  • Focus on watering and fertilizing in the warm months, utilizing collected rainwater (LINK) when possible.
  • Provide shade in the greenhouse to counter the summer heat. Remove side shoots on tomato plants to conserve energy for the remaining plant.
  • Pollinate tomato and pepper plants by shaking flower boxes daily or let bumblebees take care of it with open doors and windows.
  • Harvest snake cucumbers when they reach 25-30 cm.
  • Check for spider mites using sticky traps; if colonies are found, use gamasid to combat them. Spray cold water on the undersides of leaves daily. Read more about gamasid here.
  • Watch for lice and white flies; use insect soap for control.
  • Harvest wintering fig fruits if you have them.
Garden Tips
  • Thin out apple tree fruits for optimal development.
  • Trim defoliation hedges by the end of the month.
  • Tip for rhododendrons: nip the flowers after fading to stimulate flower bud growth.

Dreaming of a greenhouse filled with textiles and furniture? Ensure proper ventilation to prevent moisture marks. Adequate airing not only preserves textiles and furniture but also promotes healthier plant growth.

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