Greenhouse calendar - June

Greenhousecalendar June


June is the month when gardeners can breathe a sigh of relief now that the danger of frost has passed. With the longest day a few weeks off light levels are at their highest, so plants will put on lots of growth over the coming weeks.


In the greenhouse:

  • Help pollination of tomatoes and chillies by gently shaking the flowers each day.
  • Remove side-shoots on cordon tomatoes.
  • Keep plants in the greenhouse, those growing in containers and vegetable and fruit crops watered.
  • Start to feed plants in containers once a week with a dilute tomato fertiliser or comfrey feed. These are high in potassium which encourages flowers and fruit to form. For leafy vegetables use seaweed fertiliser.
  • Install shade netting or apply a shade paint to your greenhouse to avoid damage to plants caused by intense sunlight.
  • Ventilate the greenhouse to lower temperatures and hose down hard surfaces inside, a technique known as damping down, which increases the humidity, helping plants cope with the heat.

In the garden:

  • Pick sweet peas to keep more flowers coming.
  • Keep the bird bath topped up during hot weather so that birds have somewhere to drink and bathe.
  • Make comfrey fertiliser by cutting some leaves and adding them to a bucket of water. Cover and leave to stand for a few weeks before decanting. Dilute it before feeding fruit crops and dahlias.
  • Sow biennials such as forget-me-nots, honesty and wallflowers for flowers next spring and summer.

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