Greenhouse calendar - July

Greenhousecalendar July


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It’s midsummer so gardens should hopefully be bathed in plenty of warm sunshine. If rain is scarce be water-wise and prioritise plants that need it the most such as edibles, new plants and anything in a container.


In the garden:

  • Harvest garlic and hang them up to dry.
  • Water in the morning or early evening so that the water has a chance to soak into the soil rather than evaporating in the heat of the day.
  • Keep feeding and waters plants in containers – you may need to water twice a day in very hot weather; feed once a week.
  • Create more strawberry plants by encouraging runners to root. Peg the long stems growing from the centre of the plant into the soil using u-shaped pieces of thick wire.
  • Deadhead dying flowers – not only will this keep hanging baskets, containers and border displays looking their best, it’ll also encourage more flowers.
  • To prevent dahlias from being damaged by summer downpours, provide support using bamboo canes and twine.
  • Don’t be tempted to water your lawn during a heatwave – it’s better to save water for plants that need it more such as vegetables and fruit. Grass soon recovers its lush green colour when rain returns.
  • Your secateurs will be getting a lot of use at this time of year, deadheading and pruning, so give them a good clean to remove the build-up of sticky sap. Clean the blades with wire wool, disinfect with an antibacterial spray, then wipe with vegetable oil or WD-40.




In the greenhouse:

  • Tie in the stems of cordon tomatoes to bamboo canes.
  • Check over plants for any pests and diseases. Catching problems early on means you can tackle them before they spread. Rather than using chemicals look to use organic methods including biological controls.