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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Get more out of your tomato plants

The thrifty Dane

He changes the climate, recycle plastic bags and makes new plants from the old ones.

Jørgen Povlsen has new tomato plants long after others have harvested theirs.


In western Denmark, the wind is rather strong but Jørgen Povlsen is not letting the climate stop him. You can actually do something about the harsh climate by just providing some shelter in your garden. 

One of the best methods to provide shelter is to get a greenhouse. In this way, you can get close to a tropical environment in just one day.

Jørgen Povlsen enjoys his greenhouse and eating the juicy tomatoes which has a much stronger taste than the ones you can buy. He gets all the aromatics when picking them directly from the stalk. Moreover, he has tomatoes for a long time. He uses some of the side shoots, that he nips off and transplant them in small pots of sphagnum and water. They quickly take root, and when his snake cucumber has fully yielded, he transplants the well-developed tomatoes in the growbags where the cucumbers were. Just like that, he has prolonged the season and even reused the growbags and old tomatoes.

The trick is probably known by those who have had a greenhouse for a while, but for those who just started cultivating this might be news. Many don’t pull themselves together to transplant in this simple way, but Jørgen Povlsen does and he enjoys it.



The small side shoots are new free of charge plants which can quickly be transplanted in a pot of sphagnum.


In late September there will be all new tomato plants made from the small side shoots.


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