Mathias Emil Pedersen

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Start early with the summer flowers


One of the advantages of having a greenhouse is that you can start the summer early and plant cold-sensitive flowers and plants long before they can tolerate being outside.

Text and photos: Mathias Emil


If you just can’t wait for the summer flowers, you feel like many others. Even though the rule of thumb says you should wait to plant until after the 5th of June, it is a rule that can be bent – at least if you have a greenhouse.

The warm climate inside the greenhouse means you can enjoy the summer flowers way earlier. In our greenhouse, we have planted geraniums and harebells in small clay pots. Those small pots usually dry out fast in the heat, but they are placed on a shelf with under-irrigation. It is therefore not much work to irrigate, as you just pour water in the shelf.



Om Mathias Emil Pedersen

Mathias Emil Pedersen
The winner of the Danish horticultural TV programme “The Big Allotment Garden” in 2018.
He loves gardens and has an allotment garden in Odense, Denmark. Mathias has grown flowers and crops for many years in his allotment garden. Since the Tv programme, he has gotten a greenhouse, decorated it and is now cultivating according to the seasons.

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