Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Three tips for the greenhouse

This week you’ll get three tips I have stolen somewhere. If I could remember where, I would write it, so if it is from you, I’ve stolen the tip, please tell me and I am very sorry. :o)



Hold on to the melons

There are many ways to keep the melons raised. The most common way is with nylons, but this is a more original idea. An old bra is for sure made for a couple of melons. Everyone knows that.


Tiles for the round greenhouse

It can be difficult to lay tiles in around greenhouse. With limestone, it is almost a fun game. They can be bought many places if you don’t know where type in natural stone or limestone on Google. These types of stone are very popular, especially in the UK.



Container for capillary boxes

All women think capillary boxes are not pretty. I have previously shown how they can be hidden with willow. Nothing lasts forever and willow is no exception. But you can make a frame of larch or, more sustainable, composite. It’s just four sides and 8 screws, then the Mrs will be fond of you.


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