Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:33

Decorating with spring flowers


Use flowers and foliage from your garden combined with plants from the garden centre and florist to make colourful displays to celebrate Easter. Here are some ideas for inspiration.   


Written by Lars Lund 

Edited by Louise Curley 

Rather than creating an arrangement of flowers in one vase, separate individual stems and display them in their own vases, then gather them together. This allows each individual bloom to stand out. Vases with narrow stems are best; you can even use bottles from the recycling box.



Or have a look online for tiny bottles like the ones above. Antique shops and flea markets are great places to find old glass medicine bottles, which are perfect for displays like this.


Hang suitable containers from cupboard handles.


Think about using strong colours such as this pretty blue bowl filled with sunshine yellow daffodils.

In the garden create massed plantings of bulbs for a spectacular effect.




For table decorations float flowers in bowls or glasses filled with water.


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Lars Lund
Danish horticulturist and journalist
Lars Lund has for many years engaged in the garden and greenhouse. Lars has published many books about greenhouses, and he has participated in many Danish horticultural TV shows. He is a walking garden encyclopaedia, and he has answers for most basic cultivation questions – also the more ambitious ones.  

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