Nanna Stærmose

08 Sep 2020 14:33

Make your own seasoned salt


Seasoned salt is easy to make. Use for example salvia like the one on the picture.

Photo: Rabarbergaarden


Seasoned salt á la Rabarbergaarden

What you need:

1: Choose one herb and grab a large handful of leaves or flowers (thyme, salvia, chervil seed head, ramson, chive flower or others.)

2: 1.8 ounce of coarse salt

3: One jar 

4: A homemade label


How to:

Brush the herbs so no small animals or dust get in your seasoned salt.

Put the herbs and salt in a food processor and grind it shortly until it’s slightly pulverized.

Put it all in the jar with a label. Then you have an aromatic seasoned salt for the entire year or to give as a gift.


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