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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Roses in the greenhouse


The moss rose is beyond beautiful

Photo: Grøn Kommunikation


Roses love heat, so roses are thriving in the greenhouse almost every time. 

A greenhouse is for tomatoes and cucumbers but roses too indeed. In my greenhouse I have an old moss rose. The rose has been passed on from generation to generation, so the exact name is lost. But never mind. It is a moss rose. Every time I open the greenhouse door in the summer I will be met by an entrancing scent.

The Greenhouse Forum has asked two of the leading rose experts in Denmark which rose they would recommend for a greenhouse.


Just not hedge roses

Anders Theisen from a rose nursery in Denmark says that the only roses he wouldn’t recommend for a greenhouse are ground cover roses. It would be a waste of hedge roses because of their volume and they would take up too much room. Otherwise, he thinks all roses are suitable – none more than others.

“Typically, you double the growth in a greenhouse, which you should have in mind when choosing the number of roses for your greenhouse,” says Anders Theisen.

In his greenhouse he grows blue moon and Karen Blixen roses. Both get approximately 59 inches tall and incredible luxuriant, but if you prefer other roses then choose those. If you experience signs of weakness in a rose planted in the garden and if you like it a lot, it might be a good idea to move it into the greenhouse Anders believes.


Roses love heat so if your favourite rose doesn’t thrive then move it to the greenhouse.

Photo: Grøn Kommunikatiion


Safe choices

Knud Pedersen from a Danish rose nursery points out some sorts he certainly knows will thrive in the greenhouse. Those are Barkarole, Sonja, Carina, Pappa Meilland, Landora, Graham Thomas and James Galvway. (the last two need a lot of room so place them by a gable for example.)


Roses outside can also benefit from the radiation of heat from the greenhouse.

Photo: Grøn Kommunikation

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