Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Happy days for the clematis lovers

It tolerates both being in a pot inside and in the ground outside. The name is Clematis Hybrida x Tekla, Garland.

Photo: Poulsen Roser


Two clematises with special qualities

Clematis is a beautiful and different ground-plant for the garden or greenhouse. One has the amazing quality that is thrives inside in warm and dry living rooms. In other words, it is a potted plant. The flowers last up to 6 weeks, even with bad lightning conditions. Some just have a balcony, where it also thrives in a flower box. If you do have a garden and want to transplant it in the ground, it will also thrive there.


A flowering vine

The other clematis won this year’s Floriade award at a plant fair in Essen, Germany, as the best new outdoor plant.

The special thing about this new clematis is that it does not grow upwards as the normal clematis does, it creeps along the ground. The plant is nice as a ground cover and the flowering keeps going the entire summer.  

It also thrives as a potted plant where the branches hang from the pot.

The winner was the Clematis Hybrida x Nubia tm Boulevard.

Photo: Poulsen Roser

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