Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:33

Poinsettias on sale

In late November, you got some tips on how to decorate the Christmas table. In a few days it's Christmas and we will continue to give you some inspiration. Poinsettias are usually on sale just before Christmas, so they are obvious to use, but otherwise you can of course use other flowers you like. The inspirational pictures are from Stars for Europe and the decorations are made by different European decorators.


Merry Christmas!

Modern homes are white, and white and red match. An elegant Christmas table for a small family.

This simple decoration is also elegant. Put a poinsettia in a large teacup. Decorate with moss and small apples.


Slipper flowers and daffodils are maybe not for the Christmas table but why not? 

Photo: Blomsterløgklubben

A beautiful Christmas table can also have just a simple decoration. There need to be room for the dinner too.

There is room for the dinner in this table setting.

It is of course not a decoration for the table, but Christmas decorations with poinsettias are beautiful.