Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Inspirational tips for your greenhouse


A greenhouse is for people and plants, but it’s also for great ideas. During spring we will post tips for your greenhouse.


Reo mesh with Lathyrus

It’s always good to find inspiration in others’ ideas. This is Shila Samuelsen from Denmark who has made a partition in her greenhouse, with lLthyrus growing on it. It brings a nice smell and beautiful flowers, and it loves warmth.


Wireless thermostat 

You can get a thermostat that shows the minimum and maximum temperature in the greenhouse. I would recommend a wireless thermostat that you can put in the greenhouse. Then you’ll know the temperature in your greenhouse when being inside your house.


Rather than the traditional soil temperature thermometer, where you need to bend over, you can get a thermometer with a wire. It is not meant for a greenhouse, but it works perfectly. Put the sensing device in the soil and the thermometer in a comfortable height.



Zinc does not rust and it’s beautiful. You can get a plumber to make you a zinc tray, then you’ll get it as you wish.


Paint polystyrene 

You can buy a frame of willow to hide the unflattering polystyrene boxes or you can paint them in a beautiful colour. If painting, use regular acrylic paint.  


Decorate with beautiful tiles

A greenhouse should not be hidden in a corner. It needs to be placed in a sunny spot and maybe in continuation of the terrace. In the photo the tiles are brought inside the greenhouse.  

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Lars Lund
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Lars Lund has for many years engaged in the garden and greenhouse. Lars has published many books about greenhouses, and he has participated in many Danish horticultural TV shows. He is a walking garden encyclopaedia, and he has answers for most basic cultivation questions – also the more ambitious ones.  

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