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05 Jan 2023 13:54

Meet the experts of our column

The Greenhouse Forum is a community for all greenhouse owners, no matter if you are a greenhouse beginner, greenhouse dreamer, or greenhouse expert. In the Greenhouse Forum, you find content from our regular writers, who strive to inspire, guide, inform and teach with their blog articles and always have valuable tips ready for you.

The Danish version of the Greenhouse Form was founded in 2010 (Drivhusklubben.dk). Since 2020, the Greenhouse Forum also exists in English (Greenhouseforum.com) and German (Gewächshausclub.de). In 2020, the Greenhouse Forum opened a column in all three languages, where you, as a reader, can ask our garden and greenhouse experts for advice. The column answers both small and large questions, including everything from plant cultivation to technical greenhouse issues.


The questions are answered by our 3 experts: Danish horticulturist and journalist Lars Lund, greenhouse grower and agricultural technician Christine Wiemann, and Juliana quality manager Klaus Lillesø. Below, you can read more about the experts and their backgrounds.



Lars Lund is a Danish horticulturist and garden journalist and has worked with the garden and greenhouse for many years. Lars has written a wide range of articles and has published many books about the greenhouse and garden.

Lars is a walking garden encyclopaedia, and he has answers for most basic cultivation questions as well as the more ambitious ones. Additionally, Lars has many fantastic new ideas and creative approaches, and has always an answer ready for you.

“I find it very important to combine the garden and greenhouse the best way possible, so that both are a nice space to be in, and a place where you can grow your favourites. In the garden, fruit and berries are my favourites as well as the kitchen garden in general. It is my wish to turn the garden into an oasis with spaces that are practical and cosy at the same time. The greenhouse has changed over time and is today a sanctuary in the garden. With a wood-burning oven and a cup of tea, the greenhouse turns into a homely space, where you can enjoy the view into your garden in both summer- and wintertime. I have moved my tomato plants outdoors and instead, it is olives and citrus, vines and bell peppers that get the most space in the greenhouse. I also like to experiment with unusual or less traditional plants. For example, I think home-grown ginger is golden compared to the bought one.”



Christine Wiemann is a qualified greenhouse grower and agricultural technician and owner of the Danish seed company Spirekassen. Christine is also the author of several books about lifestyle, garden life and plant cultivation.

Christine’s background has equipped her with an extensive knowledge of various plants and their growth requirements. For the Greenhouse Forum, Christine writes about winter cultivation, fertilizer, irrigation, and many other topics.

“Every year I try a new sort or a new method for cultivation. It will never get boring to explore all the possibilities a greenhouse has. […] My goal is to write in an easy and understandable language. It does not matter whether you are a novice or have years of experience – my blogs are for everyone.”



Klaus Lillesø is quality manager at Juliana. Klaus has a detailed knowledge about the large selection of greenhouses and greenhouse accessories of Juliana, Halls Greenhouses, Gabriel Ash and many other greenhouse brands.

If you have questions about your greenhouse in relation to the structure, stability, profiles, cresting, base or something similar, Klaus has for sure an answer ready for you.

"Working with greenhouses is challenging and varied work, as there are an incredible number of components in a greenhouse that require one's attention. The whole area contains many aspects, which means that one day involves talking with suppliers about deliveries and quality, while the next day can be spent helping an end customer who needs professional support for his or her greenhouse dream.”


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