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26 Jan 2023 11:11

A love story – Christine and her new Juliana Orangeri

A dream comes true

The Greenhouse Forums's regular writer Christine Wiemann from Spirekassen got a new greenhouse- the new Juliana Orangeri 21.5. The model is one of Juliana's 2023 novelties and Christine absolutely loves her new greenhouse and its many possibilities. Among other things, she dreams of using the greenhouse as an additional meeting room for her company Spirekassen. Since Christine is a trained greenhouse gardener, there must also be room for cultivation in the greenhouse. Christine's dream is that her new greenhouse will be a functional outdoor space where both her business and garden interest can grow and flourish. Find out what Christine considered before and after the delivery of her new greenhouse, and what she dreams of growing.


“Do you ever get the feeling of excitement and anticipation?

That feeling, has been with us, at Spirekassen, for so long. For almost 6 months we have been waiting for our new 21,5 kvm2 Juliana Orangery. Normally, is does not takes this long for a greenhouse, but our greenhouse model was brand new, so it took a little longer.

Then around late June, Sanne and Martin from Juliana, came and finally installed our greenhouse. They did a wonderful job.

What’s the purpose of your greenhouse?

During summer we grew all the classics, tomato plants, cucumber, melon, and aubergine. Our focus was fruit and vegetable production for self-sufficiency. Right now, we are well underway with our winter cultivation. However, our new Juliana greenhouse is going to be more than just a house for cultivation.


The placement of our greenhouse has been carefully chosen in collaboration with Juliana. Our greenhouse is by our lake, where frogs and ducks are right outside our door, and nature is right by its side. It has a nice view to our flower garden as well. And we are very fortunate to have the sun shining from all sides during the day.

Photoshoot in the greenhouse

In august 2022, our greenhouse was used for a photoshoot, and it gave us a whole new view on our future decorating style. For 5 days, decorator Sanne Godt created different interior designs for the greenhouse and me and my colleges fell in love with the new styling.

Our interior decoration

The greenhouse is to be used as a greenhouse which can be integrated into our working days. We must be able to work in the greenhouse, with completely ordinary office work, while also being able to be inspired towards cultivation and getting our fingers dirty.

There will not only be 2 workplaces, but as many as 8 to 10 workplaces, depending on what we need. The centre has become a long worktable of almost 4 metres. The greenhouse has a floor area of ​​21.5 m2 and there is plenty of space for growing, working, and holding meetings. In late summer, we had electricity installed and now we just need WiFi.


We choose to cultivate in pots and mobile beds. This way, we are not set on one way of decorating. Whenever we like, we are able to move the plants around, according to our needs.

During the winter season, we sowed hardy annuals for the summer of 2023. Our winter cultivation has started, with spinach and different types of cabbage. Everything has to be movable, because our focus will always be to stay in our greenhouse all year around.

Our focus

Our 21,5 m2 Juliana Orangeri is an expansion of the 15,5 m2 model, which makes our greenhouse wider. The design of the greenhouse creates more space to chill and lounge. Our plan is to expand our terrace to utilise the maximum potential of our greenhouse.

Our greenhouse has a good height, which creates a great indoor climate. The height of 175 cm also allows tomato, cucumber, and other plants to grow in height.

The ventilation in our Juliana Orangeri is good, however, because of the amount of sunlight we get during the day, we are planning to install blinds during the spring. This way, the climate will be much more manageable during summer.

The double steel doors are brilliant in a greenhouse. It is no problem to enter the greenhouse, with for example, a wheelbarrow, growbags, or pots.

The new 21,5 m2 Juliana Orangerí has our biggest recommendation.”


There is no mistaking how happy Christine is with her new Juliana Orangery. Are you, like Christine, in the process of getting a new greenhouse? Then you can check out the catalogue of Juliana Greenhouses right here.

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07 Feb 2024 18:56

I'm in the process of constructing this orangeri. Can't wait. All the ground work is done. This will be a working / relaxing greenhouse for me.



16 Feb 2024 08:59

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for sharing your story! 

We wish you all the best for the upcoming greenhouse season with your Juliana Orangeri! You are more than welcome to share pictures or more experiences from your greenhouse later in the season. 

Best regards from the Greenhouse Forum 🌱