Lars Lund

20 Sep 2022 09:37

Status in the greenhouse in September


Before you know it, it is winter. And there’s a high risk of frost especially when we get to October.


In this video Lars Lund gets an overview of the month. Juice have been made from the grapes of the Schuyler vine and the Vitis Souvenir grapes have just started ripening. It is a firm and tasteful table grape. The olive tree has grown quite a lot after it was transplanted directly in the ground. And I have not been holding back on pruning the tree.


Earlier in spring I experimented with sowing a tomato slice which went beyond all expectation.

The Gemini I keep outdoor has survived without having to irrigate it myself – the rain took care of that even though it has not been raining a lot. Now I have some delicious tomatoes.

It is time to move the citrus indoor. My kumquat has its own spot in the bedroom, however, it can withstand a bit of frost. Soon its fruits will be ready to be harvested a second time. The last time I got more than 300, and I expect it to provide the same amount again.

The finger lime also needs some protection and my bishop’s crown will be placed in the bathroom during winter.

The African lily also needs somewhere it can be protected from the frost.

And then there is the trifoliate orange. This citrus is a very different plant which you can read more about in “Cultivate citrus during winter” (find it under similar articles).


Watch Lars Lund’s video below and find out how he prepares the greenhouse for September.  


Note that the video is in Danish, but it is possible to choose English subtitles in settings.

  1. Open the video on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube-logo in the right corner
  2. Click settings
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