Lars Lund

17 Oct 2022 13:18

Light in the darkness

The dark months are here, but there are still things to do in the greenhouse. In fact, perhaps now is the time to be more active.



It is winter time and we are facing some dark months. The energy crisis which affects all Europe may even make it even darker. However, the dark does not have to be a sad time. Often, we talk about what we can grow in the greenhouse during winter and forget that we can grow ourselves. So, this is what we are gonna do.


For a lot of people, the greenhouse is a sanctuary. A place where they can relax and let their mind rest while they observe the wind and watch the leaves change colour during autumn. While it is snowing or raining, we can sit with a nice cup of coffee and a warm thick sweater and follow life outside the greenhouse.

Outdoor life has become popular and with a greenhouse you are outdoor and indoor at the same time. In my family we are spending just as much time in the greenhouse in autumn and winter, as we are in spring and summer.


Tips for making a wreath

In this video I am showing how me and my family make the greenhouse nice and cosy. I will share some tips on how you – with just a few things – can make it extra cosy in your greenhouse. In this video, my wife is joining me. Usually, she is behind the camera, but this time is an exception since she is really good with her hands. She is making wreaths in the greenhouse, and the neighbours will be given a wreath as well. Watch the video and get some tips on how to make them yourself. In a previous blog she shows you how make a wreath step by step.




The Christmas workshop

The vine is hanging from the roof and creates a southern atmosphere. The olive tree is nicely decorated with red berries and the greenhouse have been turned into a flower workshop.


We will continue to use the workshop in November and when we get to December, it will become a Christmas workshop where we serve hot drinks and eat Christmas foods. In Denmark the traditional Christmas drinks and foods are for example the hot drink called “gløgg” (also known as mulled wine) and the desert “æbleskiver” (small puffed pancakes shaped as a ball).

Yes, these dark months can become cosier and less dark by simply lighting the wood stove that we have in our greenhouse.





Note that the video is in Danish, but it is possible to choose English subtitles in settings.

  1. Open the video on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube-logo in the right corner
  2. Click settings
  3. Click on ‘Subtitles/CC’ and then ‘Auto-translate’ to choose your preferred language

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