Lars Lund

11 May 2022 12:32

Give your plants an aspirin.

Does it sound crazy? Keep reading and watching.

Text & photo: Lars Lund


Have you tried giving your tomatoes an aspirin or watering your soil with yeast and sugar?

It sounds a bit weird, but it is actually what I am doing in the following video.

A TREO contains a small amount of caffeine, but mostly (acetyl) salicylic acid. Like a lot of medicine, the acid in the TREO is based on old knowledge about the effect of plant juice on one's health. Salicylic acid is extracted from willow bark, and if injected in smaller doses, it will strengthen the plant's immune response. Plant juice is like fertilizer. Never exaggerate because it will quickly go the other way.


You will gain more knowledge in the video, where I also tell why other ingredients that we have in the kitchen can be used in the garden and strengthen or protect the plants we care about.

In this video, I will use dishwashing soap cooking oil, yeast, sugar, water, baking powder, and coffee grounds. Some of them, like baking powder, keep snails and ants away to some degree.


Don’t shake your head, shake your tomatoes.

 Most of us have probably planted out our tomatoes by now. They need good care in the beginning, and the transition from your windowsill to the greenhouse can be violent. If you have been carrying your tomato plants out during the day and taking them in during the night, they should be hardened. Now comes the time when they are growing. Remember to nip off shoots from the leaf corners unless it is a bush tomato. Here it's not necessary. Shake the plant when blooming. It pollinates better.

Take a look up towards the ceiling at the same time. If you have a vine blooming, it needs a shake too. If you shake your head too much, you have given an extra TREO, if you follow my advice to water with salicylic acid.


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