Viktoria Heyn

15 Mar 2023 14:38

Choosing the right greenhouse

Text & photo: Viktoria Heyn 

I love our garden, and, above all, I love that it is constantly evolving. Our garden has existed for over 50 years. My grandmother created it, then my mother took over, and for some years now we have been running it together. Over the years, it has constantly changed. We have created new flowerbeds, built raised beds, planted new perennials and trees. During this time, we have never had a greenhouse in the garden because everything has worked as it should. We have a covering for our tomatoes and cucumbers, but never a closed greenhouse. That's over now, as part of being a gardener is getting motivated to trying something new every year, experimenting and gaining new experiences. This year, we have acquired a greenhouse from Juliana, and in this article, I will explain what we considered when choosing a greenhouse. 

Why is it a good idea to have a greenhouse? 

A greenhouse has many advantages and makes gardening even more versatile. It allows for early sowing, extends the gardening season until the end of autumn, fruits that need a lot of heat can grow optimally, and plants that are sensitive to frost can overwinter in it. In the greenhouse, plants are protected from wind, hard rainfall, cold periods, but also birds. The plants can thrive much better due to the climate, especially Mediterranean plants. It is particularly suitable for plant varieties whose leaves do not tolerate rain, such as tomatoes and cucumbers. In the last couple of years, we have grown bell peppers and eggplants outdoors, and we always experienced that the last fruits in late summer did not get enough heat to ripen. The greenhouse should now solve this problem. 

Where should the greenhouse be placed? 

The first important consideration for choosing the model and size is the location of the greenhouse. It should be placed in a sunny location where buildings and trees do not cast shadows on it. We spent a long time thinking about how the greenhouse should face. In this regard, one should consider what the greenhouse will primarily be used for. We have positioned the greenhouse so that it has an east-west direction. This direction is advantageous for early sowing in spring and if one wants to use the greenhouse throughout the year. The north-south direction is excellent for summer cultivation of fruits and vegetables since they receive enough sun during the day. The greenhouse needs at least 6-7 hours of sun per day, but 10 hours are even better. When choosing the greenhouse, it was important for us that it is not too small or too big, so it is adapted to the location, while there should be enough space for gardening. For that reason, we decided on the Juliana Premium model of 13 m2, and it fits perfectly into our garden. 

What else did we consider when choosing the greenhouse? 

We decided on a greenhouse with tempered glass as it exhibits great stability and therefore also long durability. This also means that the robust frames and glass panes can withstand strong storms. There is always a risk that, for example, fallen branches can damage the glass panes, and with the Juliana Premium model, one can easily replace them if the accident occurs. Before each season, the greenhouse should be thoroughly cleaned to protect the plants from diseases, and here the glass material is easier to clean. 

Depending on the quality, plastic greenhouses also have a good function. The material is of high quality, and it is robust. Polycarbonate plates, which can achieve perfect heat insulation, are often inserted into plastic models. 

The Juliana Premium model of 13 m2 has four windows and a double stable door, which provide good ventilation. To avoid overheating and undercooling, automatic window openers can be installed, which regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. The window openers can be set to open at a temperature between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is also important to remember that there should be plenty of water available near the greenhouse. The Juliana Premium model has gutters, which allow for valuable rainwater to be collected. 

We built the greenhouse ourselves and it took us a total of about 3-4 days. A certain amount of craftsmanship is required, and above all a lot of patience, to assemble it. It is important to work precisely according to the measurements so that everything fits in the end. We also ordered the foundation, which can be purchased separately, and poured it with quick-drying cement one day before the construction. You should allocate sufficient time for this process so that everything is level. 

Juliana also offers an installation service that can be ordered. 

Cucumber, bell pepper, eggplant, and melon plants are already ready. Now we just need to divide the beds and plant them. Our first year with a greenhouse finally begins, and we are already very excited about the new experiences that lie ahead. 

Om Viktoria Heyn

Viktoria Heyn is a nursery nurse, social worker and author who has the successful German Instagram “Naturlandkind”. She grew up on a farm in Wendland, Germany where she at an early age learned how to take care of the garden.


On the family farm her and her family have cultivated in their garden which is more than 50 years old. With the crops from the garden, they strive to be self-sufficient in the summer months. On her Instagram she gives advice on cultivation, sowing and how to take care of plants in which she draws on the knowledge from her family that have been passed on from generations.


Viktoria is a greenhouse novice and gives tips on what to consider when you get your first greenhouse.

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