Lars Lund

14 Feb 2022 11:21

Get a southern roof in your greenhouse


By Lars Lund



We love our greenhouses and more and more people are making social media profiles to proudly show their greenhouses. These profiles are about combining usefulness and cosiness.  

A way to create a cosy yet useful atmosphere is to make a southern roof of grape vines in the greenhouse. This way the roof will be covered in grapes giving it an exotic feeling. By hanging up a wire for the vine. A wire is strong enough to hold a vine and the wire can also be used for other purposes. You can for example use it for climbing roses or different seasonal hanging decorations. A roof can change depending on the season.

In winter you can reduce the size of the greenhouse by putting bubble wrap on top of the wire. This way the heat is better preserved.  


In the video guide, I show how to make a vine roof. You can buy all the materials from a home improvement store and it does not cost a lot.


Watch the guide here:




Note that the video is in Danish, but it is possible to choose English subtitles in settings.

  1. Open the video on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube-logo in the right corner
  2. Click settings
  3. Click on ‘Subtitles/CC’ and then ‘Auto-translate’ to choose your preferred language

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