04 Apr 2022 11:46

New expert on the Greenhouse Forum

Dear Greenhouse Forum members I am a new blogger and garden expert, and for those who do not know me, my name is Christine Wiemann and I am the owner of the seed company Spirekassen. I am a greenhouse grower educated as an agricultural technician. In addition, I have written several books about gardening.


A growing love

In my late twenties I started at a horticultural school training to be a nursery gardener. In my first year, I learned how to drive a tractor and how to plow – which turned out that I was really bad at. I also learned about perennials and operating a plant nursery. I loved working with plants and nature, but something was missing.

During breaks I would usually spend my time in the greenhouses where the greenhouse grower students would be. It was the greenhouse that I found appealing. The warm climate and all the possibilities for cultivating under glass. After a few months I decided to change from nursery gardener and instead become a greenhouse grower – a choice I have never regretted even now 25 years later. I love the greenhouse!


Childhood memories

My great interest in greenhouses started in my childhood when my father bought a Juliana greenhouse. A small 6 square metre greenhouse. His interest in pre-germination of tomatoes and cucumbers that was transplanted to the small Juliana greenhouse, must have rubbed off on me. Now almost 35 years later, the small and old Juliana greenhouse is still standing. It has survived multiple hurricanes, massive snowfalls and the test of time. Only one or two panels have been replaced over the years.

This old greenhouse was the beginning of my interest in greenhouses – an interest that now is my livelihood.

I have been cultivating for more than 25 years. In the greenhouse I have experience with everything from salad, chilli, tomatoes to summer flowers and orchids. I have owned different types of greenhouses. Two of them are Juliana Greenhouses and then an old orangery.


A new Juliana Greenhouse 

For this summer in 2022, I will be the owner of yet another Juliana greenhouse, and you will learn much more of this later. Growing up with a greenhouse, has also made my greenhouse dreams bigger. I need more space to do all the things I want to try in a greenhouse.

Every year I try a new sort or a new method for cultivation. It will never get boring to explore all the possibilities a greenhouse has. I find cultivating all year round quite fascinating, and I hope to inspire you to do the same. The mild winter climate makes it possible to also use the greenhouse during winter. Perhaps you have not heard about ‘winter cultivation’, but I will write more about that when autumn comes.


Greenhouse cultivation expert

Today I spend my time sharing my knowledge about cultivation in the greenhouse. I will be a part of the expert panel here in the Greenhouse Forum, and I will be ready to answer your questions in the column. My goal is to write in an easy and understandable language. It does not matter whether you are a novice or have years of experience – my blogs are for everyone. I look forward to write more blogs in the future.