05 Apr 2022 10:44

New blogger on the Greenhouse Forum


Dear all Greenhouse Forum members.


We, the team of TagTomat, are happy to announce that we are one of the new bloggers on the Greenhouse Forum. We are looking forward to exploring new and easy do-it-yourself projects and finding new and green ideas for the greenhouse.

In our upcoming blogs you will find greenhouse tips and guides that are easy to do.

We love to upcycle soda cans for self-watering plant boxes, use milk cartons for mushroom cultivation and to take a walk in the garden to find weeds to make your own fertiliser or find twigs and pine cones to make an insect hotel for the greenhouse. We hope we can inspire you to try out new and exciting greenhouse projects.


About TagTomat: It all started with some tomatoes on a garbage shelter

The founder of the Danish company TagTomat is Mads Boserup Lauritsen, an architect with a degree in Urban Planning. In 2011 he got an idea to cultivate vegetables in self-watering containers on top of a garbage shelter in his backyard in the neighbourhood Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

To begin with we made a roof garden, which has grown over the years and now TagTomat has made multiple backyards, sidewalk gardens and other urban gardening projects. We also make school gardens, green workshops and continues to expand our mushroom and seed collection with new seeds packaged by our antique machines, ‘Bertha’ and ‘Benny’ from 1895.


A green tomato team 

Today TagTomat has a team of 5-10 employees, with different green backgrounds including everything from knowledge of plants, garden design, workshops, production and much more. All this makes us qualified to carry out the green projects from start to finish.

TagTomat’s vision is to create more green communities, inspire to green do-it-yourself projects and inspire people to cultivate their own crops and sow flowers for biodiversity. On our website you can find everything from organic seeds, mushroom and microgreen grow kits, self-watering containers and learning materials that you can download for free.


Best wishes

Team TagTomat

Om TagTomat

Behind the Danish company TagTomat (in English ‘Roof Tomato’) is a skilled team whose passion is to create green communities and inspire to green do-it-yourself and do-it-together projects. Today TagTomat sells organic flower seeds and vegetable seeds, which are packaged with our seed packaging machines from 1895. It all began in 2011 in the heart of the neighbourhood Nørrebro in Copenhagen with just five self-watering plant boxes on a wheelie bin storage. You can read more about TagTomat at our website TagTomat.

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