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05 Oct 2021 10:20

A shed built of an old floor makes the greenhouse unique

Michael Stisen has built a shed of an old floor next to the greenhouse. Besides the shed being used for garden tools the wooden wall can be used for shelves and a place to tie up the tomatoes. But it also gives the greenhouse a more interesting style.

Text: Nanna Stærmose
Photo: Michael Stisen

It started with Michael Stisen and his wife Maria wanted a greenhouse which was placed on a half wall. But as the greenhouse dream took shape we realized that what they really needed was somewhere to put their garden tools rather than having a half wall. The solution was to build a shed as an extension to their greenhouse from Juliana. 

“Besides the space for our garden tools we also needed somewhere to put up shelves inside the greenhouse. An actual wall has more options than ‘walls’ made of aluminum and glass,” Michael Stisen says.


He is a craftsman by trade and admits that it is an advantage to be a skilled craftsman when you start a project like this. The shed is placed at the end of one of the gables of the greenhouse and this gives a quite unique style and at the same time gives a certain freedom to furnish and organize.

“We use the greenhouse for relaxing and for cultivating, and with this wooden wall we can put up shelves and as well as we can tye up the tomatoes on the wall. All this gives us more freedom regarding furnishing and the practical use of the greenhouse,” he says. 

The shed itself is made of an old pinewood floor, which Michael Stisen has cleaned and prepared. The old wooden planks are also giving it a nice and different style. The roof is now covered with roofing felt, but the plan is to eventually have a sedum roof. According to Michael Stisen this will make the greenhouse blend in nicely with the surrounding nature.


We began the shed project in the spring 2021. Even though the construction looks simple there are a couple of things you should know before you do a project like this. One of them being the fact that you are combining different materials.

“Aluminum profiles and wood do give in different ways. Therefore, I have made a crack that is about 8mm between the profile and the wood,” Michael Stisen explains.


Wood and profiles are joined together with wood studs placed on each side of the aluminum profile. This way Michael Stisen avoids problems for when the wood gives. Against the wall Michael and Maria have placed Maria’s great-grandfather’s workbench, and more recently they have hung up a string light in the greenhouse.

“Now it is cosy for the cold autumn evenings,” Michael Stisen says.


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Frank McGuire

21 Nov 2021 15:02

Hi, it's a perfect one and a great job. Can you please recommend me a smaller one from this list - https://www.backyardstyle.com/best-small-greenhouse/ ?
Thanks in advance