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21 Oct 2021 09:32

Michael has put his orangery on a brick wall

It looks aesthetically pleasing and the bricks help keeping the greenhouse warm. These two things were the reasons why Michael Hildesheim Toft Rasmussen decided to build the wall for his new Juliana Orangery. But the main reason was the corona pandemic, which suddenly meant a long summer with no traveling outside of Denmark.

“I needed something to do, and this is the project I chose,” Michael says. He even built a patio surrounding the new greenhouse and built a brick wall, that adds approx. 0,5 m to the height.

The bricks are red which matches the house. He used the same bricks as flooring in the house in which they are following a herringbone pattern. The base has been dug out and casted in concrete. Next leca blocks have been laid with reinforcement bars, and then the bricks have been laid. Here Michael advises to be precise when laying the bricks.

“I have chosen a greenhouse with a bay window, which has caused some challenges regarding building a wall for the house now there are four corners. There is not much room to play with, so it is important to be precise when measuring,” he says.


The orangery is secured to the brick wall with some special profiles and threaded rods with 2-3 on each side. Since the house is taller, Michael had to use a scaffolding when putting in the glass. 

“And here I needed help. You kind of have to when putting in glass at this height,” he says.

He thinks it has been a fun process and he is quite pleased with the outcome of this project. Today he has a unique greenhouse, with plants and a table to sit at to enjoy it all. If he had to do it again, he would make it bigger – and maybe install a wood stove.

“I can already see that it would have been nice to have more space than the 15,2 m2 which the house is now. However, I am now considering a wood stove that can make the greenhouse feel cosier during the cold days in autumn,” Michael says.


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30 Oct 2021 20:41

I am so very impressed with this build. How inspirational! Well done and thank you for sharing.


Greenhouse Forum

01 Nov 2021 08:33

Thank you for the kind words, Linda! :-)