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09 Dec 2021 10:38

In with the plants, clean the greenhouse and make it cosy for the winter days

The year is ending, and it is time for the last things in the greenhouse to be packed and stored away.


A last goodbye to the plants in the greenhouse

In the greenhouse we have many different types of plants, which all are sensitive to frost. This includes the fuchsia, angel’s trumpets and a couple of different geraniums. The geraniums are trimmed, the leaves are removed and the plants are kept in a dark shed that is frost-free. If the geraniums are planted in pots, you can put them in the house somewhere with sunlight. 

A week ago we harvested the last tomatoes, cut the plants and used the remaining part for compost. Nanna used the green and red tomatoes for an apple and tomato relish, and also for a piccalilli – which by the way taste amazing. The capillary boxes must be cleaned so the dirt and roots are removed. This reduces the risk of getting pest for the next season. We like to use water with a bit of soft soap and let the boxes dry and then they are as good as new.

If you have beds in the greenhouse, it might be a good idea to put a layer of compost. During a season the plants in the ground use most of the nutrition. Therefore, remember to add new nutrition to the soil to keep the soil rich so the next harvest becomes successful. This is especially important for the ‘hungry’ plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. For the beds you can scatter a 5-10 cm layer of compost which should be enough.

Empty the greenhouse before cleaning it

It is usually a good idea to remove as many plants in the greenhouse as possible when the winter comes. Pest, fungus and other unwanted organisms are likely to survive the winter in the used soil or on the remains of the plants.

The next project is a thorough cleaning. Everything must be washed and brushed before we close the doors for this greenhouse season. When washing the greenhouse, choose a cloudy day to do it, so it does not dry too fast.

We began from the outside to wash the roof and the glass. Here in Tversted, in the northern Denmark, we have had a season with a lot of sea air resulting in greasy glass panels covered in salt and dirt. Inside the greenhouse it is important to clean thoroughly. Especially in every glazing bar.

For the washing we use a mixture of soft soap and hot water. Remember the pH is very alkaline, so you might want to wear safety spectacles to avoid contact with the eyes.

To clean the corners and the glazing bars with the soap mixture, I recommend filling the mixture in a large 5 litres water spray and then spray the mixture in all the small areas a brush cannot access.

We finish the cleaning by rinsing the greenhouse with the garden hose.


Winter in the greenhouse

When all the cleaning is been done, it is time to make the greenhouse nice and cosy. The thought of a day in December with a warm blanket, a cup of coffee and candles sounds irresistible to us. We also make space for a few decorations, a nice-looking wreath and some pots with white Christmas roses (Helleborus Niger).

Hyacinths can be placed in the greenhouse during the winter. This flower can already be bought prepared at supermarkets or nurseries. By planting the bulbs in small pots, you can enjoy the colour of the flowers and their smell throughout the winter. Due to the cold temperatures, the flowers last for a surprisingly long time.

We are often asked whether we would wish that the garden season never ended, and to this we reply that we actually enjoy the break in winter. We see it as one of the benefits of the four seasons in Denmark.

After a hot and nice summer, we look forward to sitting inside in the sofa with blankets wrapped around us and with hot chocolate. The great thing about it is when the winter is drawing to an end.

Thanks for now and we hope that you enjoy a well-deserved break.


Best autumn wishes

Frederik & Nanna


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