Lars Lund

02 Dec 2021 09:39

Enjoy the greenhouse during winter

The days are getting shorter and when this happens it is nice to come together with children and friends to make decorations. The greenhouse can be used for more than cultivation. With some candles or maybe even a wood stove or a gas heater, you can make a cosy greenhouse. Enjoy the winter months with a mince pie and something hot to drink like mulled wine.

In collaboration with Flora Dania (Danish Ornamental Plants) the Greenhouse Forum have made an easy DIY-project. The project is a cake stand made of plates, glasses and a vase.

To make the colourful cake stand in a pastel-coloured look, you will need three plates in different sizes (e.g. one dinner plate, one side plate and one saucer), some decorative glasses, a small vase of glass, all-purpose adhesive, small and colourful poinsettias and some small tins to transplant the poinsettias in.


How to do it:

Step 1: First you decide the order of your glasses or vases and whether they should be facing up or down.

Step 2: Glue the plates and glasses together one by one. Put glue at the bottom or on the edge of the glass and press it together with the plate until the glue are completely dry. To make a cake stand with three layers, you will need three plates and two glasses. 

Step 3: Transplant the colourful poinsettia in the tins and arrange them on the cake stand. Important: wait for the glue to completely dry before doing this.

Step 4: Lastly, you can glue a small glass vase on top of the cake stand. Put water in the vase and place a poinsettia that has been cut in the vase. Enjoy the cake and the beautiful decoration.

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Lars Lund
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