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10 Mar 2021 15:42

Can you sell your old greenhouse when you have bought a new one?

In our beautiful garden is an old Juliana greenhouse of 9.9 m2. Although the greenhouse is in good condition, we have chosen to replace it with a new Juliana Premium, which is a bit larger and in a different colour. We were planning on waiting a few years to replace the greenhouse until we would have a better overview of the garden layout, but when the Juliana Greenhouse Centre in Copenhagen was forced to close, some exhibition models needed a new home. One of the many models for sale was a 10.9 m2 Juliana Premium in anthracite. I had earlier mentioned to my fiancé that when purchasing a new greenhouse, I would like a classically shaped greenhouse with a good eaves height and space to primarily grow, and what better than a Premium greenhouse for this purpose?


Before we can start assembling our new greenhouse, there is a process of taking the old one down. I think it would be a shame to throw out the old greenhouse if it could be a joy to others. Therefore, we wanted to sell it for 60 pounds, in exchange for people disassembling it themselves. However, I have a few practical questions about the process, and I have enquired a knowledgeable colleague at Juliana about it.

  • Can the greenhouse be reused by a new owner? I am thinking of the condition, size, and base.

  • How does one disassemble a greenhouse without breaking it?


"I can see in the pictures that the old greenhouse is a Juliana Compact +, one that is today referred to as Juliana Junior."

According to Lene, the greenhouse can easily be reused by a new owner. Since my greenhouse has 3 mm. split glass with glass clips, the glasses can easily be removed. The next process is to separate the greenhouse in the frames so that the sides and gables are still assembled. "You should not disassemble it completely, as it is an old house", Lene explains. In addition, she says that you can buy new steel bolts as some may be lost in the disassembling process. The next step is "just" to get it on a trailer well fastened so that the greenhouse life of the new greenhouse owner can flourish.


Lene Konradsen, who is a strategic purchaser at Juliana, has worked in the company for more than 12 years. In addition to having complete control of every single part of all the greenhouse models that Juliana sells, she has also been in customer service, so her knowledge is very welcome in my small garden project.



I explain to Lene that there are at least 3 glasses that are broken and ask how to get hold of new glass: “You should contact a glazier. Glass holders can be purchased at local hardware stores. Juliana only has whole sets, so that would be an expensive affair. If the chips are down and all glasses need to be replaced, you can contact the Greenhouse Centre closest to you.



Once the glass and profiles are disassembled, the next step is the base. Lene states these options:

  • "You can make your own base if you want a special frame for the greenhouse."

  • “You can buy a new base. Even though the model is discontinued, a base can still be bought. However, it will be an expensive affair of 190 pounds compared to the 60 pounds for the old greenhouse.”

  • “The base can easily be moved with the greenhouse, as the steel bolts can be loosened. However, the casting brackets are fixed with concrete in the ground, so you would need to buy 6 new ones. This option would be the easiest and cheapest.”


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Stay tuned for next time, where the focus will be on the location of the greenhouse and the flooring.


Best greenhouse wishes

Louise, GreenhouseForum