Lars Lund

23 Dec 2021 09:17

Fun tips from Lars Jon’s Christmas book


Lars Jon has lots of ideas for Christmas fun for kids and adults in his new Danish book ‘Floristens jul’. Here you will be introduced to two of them.


Make a snow globe without having to shake it.

Do you remember the snow globes? They are still produced and sold. According to Wikipedia, the globe was invented in the end of the nineteenth century by the Austrian Erwin Perzy, who made surgical instruments. The original idea was to develop a surgical lamp. When he intensified the light in a flask, it reminded him of snow falling which he then proceeded to work on. In 1927 he sold the patent to a businessman in USA. In the 1940s and throughout the 50s many religious motives were associated with the snow globe.


Lars Jon’s snow globes are without any water and are unsuitable to be shaken. Nevertheless, they are fun and here is how to make them:

Materials: glass jar with lid, cushion moss and a rosemary twig.

Decoration: snowman, mushroom figures and glitter.

Tools: glue gun, pruning shear, spray adhesive.



How to do it:

  • Wash the glass and the lid. Let it dry completely.
  • Now you need the glue gun and the lid. Put a lot of hot glue inside the lid and press the moss onto the lid. Make sure the moss stick.
  • Get the rosemary twig (which now is the Christmas tree) and cut it so it fits in the glass. Remove the leaves at the bottom. About half of the twig must be without leaves. Put a bit of glue at the bottom of the twig and press it into the moss.
  • Glue the snowman or the mushroom figures onto the moss.
  • Spray it all with spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter on it. Let it dry for an hour and then screw the glass on the lid.


Decoration for the table or a gift tag for the Christmas present

A humorous place card will bring joy to the guests.
Unique place cards are something you take with you home. Lars Jon has many ideas for place cards, and Rudolph are one of them.


What you will need

A tie-on tag (cream-coloured with the ends cut off and a hole for the ribbon).
Peanut, red glimmer, withered branches.
Tools: stamp/marker, wood glue, paint brush, glue gun and pruning shear.


How to do it:

Write the name at the bottom of the tie-on tag with a marker or if you have stamps with letters, you can use that.

  • Find the perfect peanut. Put wood glue at the bottom of the nut and sprinkle red glimmer. Let it dry for 10 minutes.
  • Glue the peanut on the tag. Draw two eyes with a marker.
  • Cut two small branches and glue them on the back of the peanut, to form antlers.