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17 Aug 2021 11:36

The edible part of the garden

I Nanna the better half to Frederik and 50 percent of our profile @udkansk have gotten the opportunity to write a small article instead of Frederik. This time it is me because I love to eat whatever there is in the garden. I love to use the garden, to preserve it and to eat/drink it.

In case you haven’t noticed it, it is definitely Frederik who is more into flower gardens, and it is the flowers, that (to my regret) get his full attention. 

Nevertheless, I managed to have some edible crops in the greenhouse (and around in the garden). Actually, there’s also a lot of flowers, which can be used when cooking. This is almost a win-win. Frederik gets something nice to look at, and I get to eat it. Everyone’s happy.


Today I will talk about what you can find of lovely plants in and around our greenhouse.  

In the greenhouse we grow the classical tomatoes, pepper and chili. We also have other fun things, that you can eat. Such as blackcurrant sage, pineapple sage and basil. These I like to use fresh for cooking or in tea, but it’s also possible to dry them at low heat in the oven or in a dehydrator.

Right outside the greenhouse we have a couple of pots with rosemary. In the vegetable garden we have peas, wild flowers, asparagus, potatoes, rhubarb, lettuce, different types of kale, parsley, chives, and a bed with delicious herbs such as thyme, sage, mint, chamomile and agastache.


I love to use all the plants from the garden. Firstly, I think it is amazing to have planted and grown the plants myself. And secondly, I really like the concept “from-farm-to-table”. In an economically perspective I like to use the crops from the garden. I get the same feeling as when I empty my fridge to make a dish (a dish I LOVE. I always end a meal with the sentence – and that is no matter how it turned out: It’s amazing we used EVERYTHING we had 😍). That makes me feel good.

For the same reason I can also become very stressed when the garden is blooming and the nature around me does the same. All those crops I have to use and consume.

Therefore, I like to preserve. Dry things. Put away for later. For when the cold winter months come sneaking and you then feel the urge for flavorful and nice smelling food, which takes you back to the summer months with greens and light.


For that reason, I’ll share one of my favourite recipes for preserving: Bottled and preserved tomatoes. However, it is made with tomatoes bought from the grocery store for the sake of the article. Since it is too early to harvest our tomatoes in the garden when writing this article. A couple of tomatoes, which have been bottled and can be used just like peeled tomatoes. The difference is simply the flavour (which in contrast is very different!)

Recipe for preserved tomatoes – for darker times ❤️

  • Parboil one or more glass jam jars (it depends on how many tomatoes you use)

  • In the glasses you place your delicious tomatoes – you can cut them in smaller pieces if needed

  • Fill up the jar partially and squeeze the tomatoes so they fit in the jar

  • Add a bit salt and some fresh thyme or oregano and 1-2 clove(s) of finely chopped garlic.

  • The jars should be stored away from light and use one when it is dark and cold outside.
  • Cook some fresh pasta and use this delicious tomato sauce. For heaven’s sake sprinkle with lots of parmesan.

One last piece of advice: remember to eat some of the fresh tomatoes now.

Have a nice summer ❤️