Udkansk v/ Nanna & Frederik

17 Jun 2021 12:18

Get lots of basil from your own cuttings

Udkansk has made this basil guide last summer - that was before they got a greenhouse, but it is no less relevant, as basil works well in a greenhouse.


Text by: Ukansk, Nanna and Frederik


If you, like us, are crazy about basil, we recommend that you make cuttings so that you get plenty of the green herb. You can make the cuttings from basil, which you have grown yourself from seeds, but you can also easily use basil that you have bought in a supermarket.

You need to grab some big shoots. Cut them off and put them in water for 10-14 days. When they start developing small roots, it is doing good.

Now transplant your cuttings in a pot. I put them in the same pot, they may stand a little close, it does not matter. I just use plain good potting soil and mix a bit of long-acting fertilizer in, so I'm sure they all have enough to live. Remember to irrigate well. After that, just give them some time - I would think that after 3-4 weeks they have the same size as the mother plant if you take good care of them.