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08 Sep 2020 14:34

More people realise their greenhouse dream

They are busy at Juliana's Greenhouse Centre, as more and more realize their dream of a greenhouse in the garden. The GreenhouseForum stopped by and talked to customers who were looking for anything from an outdoor space with room for family time to better growing conditions for chillies and cucumbers.

The wind blows gravel and pebbles across the deserted parking lot, while the sun alternately shines and disappears between the clouds. Inside, the administer Allan Stender is getting ready for customers. It is the month of April and the warmer temperatures as well as the travel ban that have caused the significant increase of interest in greenhouses.

“We are always busy at this time of year, but this year we are experiencing an even greater interest. We Danes have been asked to stay home, and therefore people start their house and garden projects,” says Allan Stender.

The first customers show up at the door. Christian and Dorthe are a married couple in the better half of their lives. They need a small greenhouse for growing primarily chillies, and Christian wants to provide better growing conditions for them.

"I have retired and now have a little more time for those kinds of things," he says, while inspecting the profiles and the composition of the corners. They already grow potatoes, peas, beans and asparagus in the garden, so the greenhouse would be for chillies and cucumbers.

"We have never really had any luck with cucumbers, so now we will try giving them a greenhouse," says Dorthe. Dorthe thinks it could be nice to have the greenhouse in green profiles. But Allan apologizes as the green is a backorder. "Well then we'll take it in aluminium," says Christian before Dorthe can object. They order two Juliana greenhouse shelves with the greenhouse. The shelves are ideal if you, as the couple here, want to use the height in the greenhouse to grow in several smaller pots.


Halls Wall Garden

Size: 2 ft x 4 ft or 2 ft x 6 ft

Colour: Green or aluminium

Glass: 3mm horticultural glass or toughened glass

Comes with:


One window

Halls Wall Garden is for you who are looking for a small corner for cultivation but have limited space e.g. if the garden is small or you have a balcony. See more here.


Bambi-free zone with room for the entire family

The doorbell rings. Even though Juliana's Greenhouse Centre in Copenhagen is 3229 square feet, the store has to make certain reservations against Covid19, so the door is locked and only one to two teams of customers can be let inside at a time. 

Outside are Bo and Eva with their daughters Ida and Anna. They are working on a major construction project in their 1,3,454 square feet garden and have plans for a greenhouse where there is room for both plants and people. "We have been advised not to go under 215 square feet," says Eva.

The girls dream of a soft sofa where you can lie down and relax, and then the greenhouse should be located so that there is a view of the trampoline in the garden. "We like to think things through, and maybe it will not be this year that the greenhouse is put up, but we wanted to see and feel such a greenhouse," says Bo.

They are looking at a Juliana Grand Oase - a model that definitely provides space for caring for both cucumbers and each other. "The dream is to have a space where we can enjoy the off-season - where we can sit in the first spring sun and prolong the season into the autumn as well," says Eva. The greenhouse must be connected to the family's kitchen garden, which is often visited by deer from the forest where the family lives. And although it is cosy, it is also impractical that many crops end up as deer food. "We therefore also hope that the greenhouse can become a kind of cultivation refuge and Bambi-free zone," says Eva.


Juliana Grand Oase

Size: 9 ft x 14 ft or 12 ft x 16 ft

Colour: grey/black (9ft x 14 ft is also available in alu/black)

Glass: 3mm toughened glass

Comes with:

2 windows

4 downspouts

Gutters with tilt function

1 double hinged stable door - it is possible to buy another door. Note that this cannot be installed subsequently, so if you want an extra door, it must be ordered and installed with the greenhouse.

Juliana Grand Oase is for you who want a beautiful luxury greenhouse, with space for all the family's garden projects. Grand Oase is also available in a dwarfwall model. See more here.

A small greenhouse with room for plants and people

Outside, several cars have arrived, and people are patiently waiting to enter. Marianne and Steffen have a small garden and must therefore get a small greenhouse. A greenhouse has been Marianne's dream for many years, and now it will be realised. "I would like to try to grow tomatoes that actually turn into something," says Marianne.

But their hope is also to grow more exotic plants. It may be limited because Marianne has a busy working life, so they will start small. It just has to be a small greenhouse, but there must be room for a small cosy corner,” says Marianne. They quickly fall for the Juliana Compact. The greenhouse is simple and, in many ways, an ideal beginner's house, where there is room to make both coffee and herbs.


Juliana Compact

Size: 7 ft x 7 ft or 7 ft x 9 ft

Colour: alu/black or grey/black

Glass: 3mm toughened glass in full length.

Comes with:

Hinged stable door

1 window

Gutter with tilt function

2 downspouts 

Juliana Compact is for you who has a small garden. The eaves height gives a good feeling of space despite the few square feet. See more here.

A door on the long side

A greenhouse dream is often based on the good life, an oasis and a small refuge where there is peace and time to recharge. And then there are those who have some very specific desires. Birthe and Kim are crazy with the idea of ​​a door on the long side of the house. It makes sense in terms of where they would like to place their house, and then it gives a good sense of space to step into the side.

"We have had an old greenhouse of just 54 square feet for almost 20 years, and we have really enjoyed it, but now we are ready to expand," says Birthe. They have actually looked at a Halls Magnum, but that model is not shown in the greenhouse centre. Instead, Allan shows them a Juliana Junior - a spacious house with a good eaves height that provides space for slightly taller plants and a little more elbow room. However, it is not possible to get a door on the side as the sides are not high enough. "Maybe I should just build the greenhouse myself, then we can get the door wherever we want it," says Kim.


Halls Magnum

Size: 10 ft x 8 ft, 12 ft x 8 ft or 14 ft x 8 ft

Colour: aluminium or green

Glass: 3mm toughened glass, 6mm polycarbonate or 3 mm horticultural glass

Comes with:

Double sliding door

4 windows

Juliana junior is for you who want a classic greenhouse. The double sliding door makes it easy to enter and the windows ensures an optimum growing environment. See more here.

In a forest of rhododendrons

For Kirsten, the greenhouse dream is mostly about the greenhouse blending into the garden. At home, she and her husband have a garden with a corner, which according to Kirsten would be able to create the oasis she dreams of. “We have a whole forest of old rhododendrons that could form the framework of such an oasis. The idea is that the greenhouse should be surrounded by them. So really, the greenhouse just needs to be there to provide warmth and shelter, but it should not make any huge difference,” says Kirsten.

She has visualised it all and has looked at the Qube model from Halls online. Qube is a very light, elegant and simple greenhouse, unfortunately, it is not exhibited in the greenhouse centre, so Kirsten looks a bit at Juliana's Junior model. “I dream of making a small hideout - a free space where there is room for cosiness and maybe a few citrus trees, a fig tree and maybe a vine. And then it is also the intention to use the greenhouse to overwinter plants,” she says.

She looks a little further, but it is as if the Qube is the only thing right, it is simple, solid and understated and that is exactly what Kirsten is looking for, for her new breathing space in the garden.


Halls Qube

Size: 6 ft x 6 ft, 6 ft x 8 ft or 6 ft x 10 ft

Colour Black

Glass: 3mm toughened glass in full length

Comes with:

Smooth running sliding door

1 window


Halls Qube+

Size: 8 ft x 8 ft, 8 ft x 12 ft or 8 ft x 16 ft

Colour Black

Glass: 3mm toughened glass in full length

Comes with:

Double sliding door

2-4 windows

Halls Qube is for you who want an aesthetic and simple house. The house has a unique profile construction that makes it strong and resistant while maintaining a light expression. See more here.

For Thai vegetables

A greenhouse fulfils many dreams. And the people that the GreenhouseForum has met this day also testify that the purpose of a greenhouse is view differently. For Linda, the greenhouse dream is about being able to grow exotic crops from her native country. She is from Thailand but has lived in Denmark for 23 years. She and her husband are looking for a greenhouse that can be placed on their terrace and that can house all her different chillies and Thai herbs.

"It's way too expensive in the long run to go to a Thai supermarket and buy these things," she says. She already cultivates, and her husband also fully agrees that she needs a greenhouse. They quickly get excited about the Juliana Lean-To. It is a wall model that can be placed on the couple's terrace against the wall by their bedroom. "We would with this model be able to step directly into the greenhouse from our balcony door," she says, making a movement with her arm, indicating that she is opening her door.

We walk back towards the exit while her husband talks product specifications and other details with Allan. Linda says that she loves to cook and that she grows so many chillies that she always has the freezer full and enough to share with all the neighbours. With a greenhouse, she would be able to extend the season and maybe even grow in the winter. “I would really love such a greenhouse,” she says.


Juliana Lean-To

Size: 9 ft x 4 ft, 9 ft x 7 ft or 9 ft x 14 ft

Colour: Alu/black or grey/black

Glass: 3mm toughened glass - however, it is roofed with polycarbonate.

Comes with:

Double hinged stable door

Gutter with tilt function

2 windows

2 downspouts

Juliana Lean-To is for you who have the opportunity to use a wall to set up a greenhouse. The house is spacious and suitable for both cultivation and relaxation. See more here.