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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Juliana and Claus Meyer set the tables in 8 greenhouses

As restaurants are opening again people are once again enjoying dinners with friends and family, but as COVID-19 has not left us completely, it is still a good idea to keep a distance. In the light of the recent lockdown of Denmark the restaurant and food business Meyers has chosen a more creative way to open their restaurant again. In the coming weeks, guests can enjoy their dinner in small greenhouses. In that way, they will be shielded without being isolated.

“I think the guests will get an experience that they will remember for life. The Corona crisis is ending, which we mark by giving people an opportunity to eat and enjoy Copenhagen from a greenhouse, while still feeling safe, and thinking about where we came from and where we are going,” says Claus Meyer.

According to Claus Meyer restaurants and greenhouses complement each other nicely. The guests will be shielded from the chilly weather while still having the sense of being outside. It is a nice way to keep a distance from others while still feeling a part of the community.

He has himself never eaten inside a greenhouse before. He has a greenhouse in his garden, but it is solely used for crops.

“Tonight will be the first time I get to experience eating inside a glasshouse. I will have dinner with my family, and I am looking forward to it,” he says.





The CEO of Juliana Greenhouses, Nikolaj Stærmose, has no doubt that greenhouses and cuisine are a good team. 

“Through the years we have seen a development in the functionality of our greenhouses, and the purpose is no longer just cultivating tomatoes and cucumbers. It is amazing to see how our greenhouses are used as a restaurant,” he says.


An experience for life

It is a beautiful evening and guests are already enjoying their dinner in some of the eight greenhouses – the rest are set and ready for guests.

Besides giving the guests an experience for life, Claus Meyer hopes the greenhouses will inspire others to do things in different ways.

“I wish to signal hope, imaginativeness and courage to do things in a new way. Even though things sometimes might seem inconvenient as new rules are to be followed, there are other ways to do things,” he says.

Measures: 88x88 inches

Side height: 53 inches

Total height: 86 inches

Square feet: 42 ft2