Mathias Emil Pedersen

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Decorate the garden with African lilies

At home at Mathias and Rasmus’, their Grand Oase from Juliana is beautiful all year round - but this summer there is extra life and many colourful flowers. Among other things, this beautiful thing.


The African lily, or Agapanthus as they are also called, thrive fantastically in and around our Grand Oase with a dwarf wall, which is located in a sunken garden space and therefore protected and sheltered during the winter. Here we can keep a temperature that is never below minus 4 degrees in the wintertime, and without any other additional heat than a few candles. The African lilies seem to thrive in that environment. We care for them with plenty of water and fertilizer and they are in pots that are not too large. Agapanthus likes to be placed densely to each other. Now in July, the African lilies are of course out, and they are just unfolding their blue flowers to the great joy of us and not least the bees.

About Mathias and Rasmus

In 2018, Mathias and Emil won the Danish garden competition The Big Allotment Challenge.

Since then, they have been cultivating in both the garden and greenhouse to a greater extend.

They regularly write blog post for the Greenhouse Forum about what is happening in their garden and greenhouse.

Om Mathias Emil Pedersen

Mathias Emil Pedersen
The winner of the Danish horticultural TV programme “The Big Allotment Garden” in 2018.
He loves gardens and has an allotment garden in Odense, Denmark. Mathias has grown flowers and crops for many years in his allotment garden. Since the Tv programme, he has gotten a greenhouse, decorated it and is now cultivating according to the seasons.

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