Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Six small tips for the greenhouse right now

The greenhouse season is slowly starting – at any rate there are lots to do now when the temperature still varies. Get some inspiration here.

Spring cleaning

Wash down your greenhouse thoroughly. Use a hose brush with soap, it gets into all corners. Rinse with water from the garden hose.

Sow cucumbers and melon

Sow cucumbers and melon in the warm greenhouse. The soil temperature should be 25 degrees. When the sprouts are showing you should lower the temperature to 20 degrees. Transplant in June.


Sow in the greenhouse 

Sow early carrots in a milk carton and leave them in the greenhouse. Sow cabbage and leek in the greenhouse and transplant later. Also, sow lettuce and radish in the greenhouse.


Transplant a couple of strawberry plants in pots and put them in the greenhouse.

Shake the vine

Most vines bloom in April. Shake the vines to pollinate the flowers.


Kumquat tolerates little frost. Put it in the greenhouse and cover with a crop cover cloth, both when the sun shines and when there is frost. It needs to adapt to the strong sunlight. A couple of candles can keep the greenhouse warm at night.

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