Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

A new sunflower will give you sun on a rainy day

A new type of sunflower blossoms with up to 1000 flowers from June to November 

If you miss the sun on a rainy day you should get the new sunflower. It is not an ordinary sunflower but a shrub with the difficult name Helianthus SunBelievable “Brown Eyed Girl”. It was seen the first time in 2018 where it was presented at the famous Chelsea Flower Show. It won the third place as that year’s novelty.

I got it in spring and transplanted it into a pot. I have since then brought it to my summerhouse as I can’t go without it, and now it is on its way back to my garden. My sunflower will never set records in height, but it gets new shoots from the sides constantly. One shrub should be able to blossom with 1000 flowers from June to November. It is pretty spectacular. Remember to take seeds from the plant when it withers, then you’ll have new flowers next year.