Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Use your greenhouse as a Christmas workshop

The greenhouse is perfect as a Christmas bazaar. Go to the forest to find materials and serve hot tea and Christmas snacks. Make sure the greenhouse is warmed up by either a wood stove or a gas heater. The greenhouse is then ready for the family to get cosy.

Make a frost-free room

Another way to use your greenhouse during the winter is to store your plants that doesn’t tolerate frost. You just make a small room inside the greenhouse from lists or laths and cover it with bubble wrap. Then you have a nice insulated room where the frost can’t get in. A small gas heater can handle the heating-up.

Frost’s room

You can also do as Tove Frost. She is an older lady at 95 years, who every year digs up her kale and leek from the garden and transplant them in the greenhouse. The kale grows and becomes like a Christmas trees. The advantage of the kale growing bigger, is that Tove doesn’t have to be in the cold when harvesting the kale, as her greenhouse is placed against the gable of her house.

Winter peas

Finally, you can sow winter peas, garlic and flower bulbs like hyacinths, so you can fill your living room with lovely scents for Christmas.

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