Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Tips for the Christmas dinner table

Christmas is a nice breather from the dark time, but it is also now you need to have fun and get ready for Christmas Eve. We have got Stars for Europe's flower decorators to give some tips on some Christmas decorations and table decoration that you can be inspired by. Everything is, of course, with Europe's best-selling flower, the poinsettia at the centre.

Poinsettias are great as Christmas decorations, whether you use them as decoration on a large hanging branch, to decorate the table in different sizes or use them as cut flowers in small water pipes on plates. Red poinsettias are the best sellers, but they come in many different colours, shapes and sizes, so there are many to choose from. Cut poinsettias will stay fresh for up to two weeks with adequate watering. Dip the freshly cut stalks briefly into 60 °C hot water and then immediately into cold water.

The Christmas dinner table must of course be with poinsettias. I hope the following pictures will inspire you.

A snowy apple

Christmas decorations for children might be this apple with a candle and snow.

The GreenhouseForum wishes you a very Merry Christmas.

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