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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Greenhouse Herbs

Rasmus Lindholm Jensen and Mathias Emil Pedersen - better known as the winners of the Danish television programme and garden competition “The big allotment challenge 2018”. They have an allotment garden, where they cultivate in both the garden and greenhouse. Their greenhouse is a Juliana Grand Oasis, where they, this year, have established a corner of herbs.

Growing your own herbs is much more cost effective than buying them from the supermarket and it also helps to reduce the amount of plastic you use, as there’s none of the packaging that comes with shop-bought herbs.

While greenhouses are traditionally used to grow crops like tomatoes and cucumbers, they can also be good places to grow herbs, particularly those from the Mediterranean which will thrive in the warm, protected environment.

Basil is easily sown from seed, or you can divide a pot of supermarket basil and replant so that the individual plants have more room to grow. Supermarkets tend to offer only one type of basil, but there are a surprising number of different types including lemon basil, which works well with fish; purple basil has dramatic, dark-coloured leaves that look good torn up and tossed into salads; Thai basil is used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking; and if you want to make your own pesto choose the variety ‘Genovese’.

Flat leaf parsley can be placed on a slightly shady shelf in the greenhouse and French tarragon will be happy in a large pot under glass.

Many herbs that are happy growing outdoors in the summer don’t like the cold, wet British winters, so a greenhouse is a good place to overwinter herbs such as thyme, rosemary, marjoram and sage. Simply dig up these plants in autumn, pot them up and place in the greenhouse. Keep them on the dry side during winter, only watering when the compost is dry.

Rasmus Lindholm Jensen and Mathias Emil Pedersen became 'nationally known' when they in 2018 won the Danish television programme “The big allotment challenge 2018”.

They live in Odense, where they have a 4305 square feet large allotment garden with two greenhouses.