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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Green tomato remoulade

Tomatoes are beginning to ripe. Not just the ones in my greenhouse, but even the self-seeded tomatoes in the garden. They were a bit behind but on the other hand, they completely took care of themselves. Not irrigated and not fertilized but they look so healthy. 

They won’t get to ripen as I have picked them. I need the corner where they started growing without my permission. They are now in the greenhouse getting lots of sun, so we will see if they turn red. Last year they did but I can’t get lucky every time. Otherwise, the green tomatoes can be preserved.

Some think that green tomatoes are poisonous, but the Veterinary and Food Administration disagrees. In 2004 the VFA noted that the toxic substance tomatine is not considered to pose any risk when eating tomatoes in moderation. Green potatoes contain the same substance but here the assessment is to be careful as the consumption of potatoes is larger than of tomatoes.


Delicious green remoulade

Garden blogger and pedagogue, Lotte Denckert, has made a recipe for a remoulade made from green tomatoes.


Green remoulade recipe:

17.6 ounces of green tomatoes

17.6 ounces of cucumber

8.8 ounces of onion

1.7 ounce of salt

1.5 dl of vinegar

1 dl of water

1.5 dl of sugar

0.5 ounce of crushed mustard seeds

1.5 teaspoon of curry

2.6 ounces of flour


Blend the tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in a blender or food processor. You can blend it fine or coarse depending on what you like. Sprinkle 1.7 ounce of salt on the vegetable mash and pour it into a sieve lined with a clean cloth. Leave it until the liquid has left the mash. Twist the cloth to squeeze out the last liquid. Put the mash in a pot and add vinegar, sugar, water, mustard seeds, curry and flour. Let the mash boil while stirring in approximately 30 minutes. If you think the consistency is too thin you can boil it a bit more. Lotte likes a very fine remoulade, so she blends the mash after it has boiled. The remoulade should be poured into small glasses and boiled in the oven. The remoulade should then be mixed with mayonnaise right before serving.

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