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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Make a garland and feel the Christmas spirit

It smelled of spruce and home-baked goods when the Greenhouse Forum together with a group of women went to a workshop in Christmas garlands at the home of the Danish garden designer Dorthe Kvist.

Everyone started with an empty garland.


The first step in making a garland is to cut twigs in even sizes. Dorthe had spruce, common box, pistachio twigs and many other green twigs.

Start with fastening the steel wire to the straw garland.


Gather the green twigs in small bouquets and tie them to the garland with steel wire.

Tie the steel wire around the lower part of the twigs and place the next bouquet so that the top covers the steel wire from the previous bouquet. Make sure the garland is covered in greens on all sides except the bottom. Once the garland is covered in greens, decorate it with dried flowers, cones or whatever you like.

Another opportunity is to mix the bouquets with flowers and greens in the beginning and then tie those all the way around.

We were all very concentrated.

A finished green garland ready to be decorated.


Here is a finished garland with sea hollies and tried flowers.


Each garland has their own expression.