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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Here’s what you should grow if you want to bring the children into the garden

It can be both fun and wild when children are cultivating the garden. These are the experiences of Amalie Ørsted, culinary teacher, who gives some suggestions on which crops are good to grow if you want to bring the kids into the garden - or perhaps be responsible for their own kitchen garden.

"It must be some of the slightly more hardy crops. Some that survive even if they are not watered quite regularly or sown at a specific time," says Amalie.

Good crops to grow:

Potatoes – also try the blue ones, they are fun and different

Carrots – try out different kinds and colours

Beetroot – beetroot leaves, beetroot and also candy stripe beetroots are a hit.

Corn – they are delicious and most kids like them 

Courgette – They get big and the kids like that

Edible flowers – they are beautiful and garnish the food