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08 Sep 2020 14:33

The philosophical gardener’s theory of perennials

It will be much easier to put perennials together now


“She’s a woman in the age of 30-50. She loves plants but she doesn’t know much about them.

She loves fashion and design and knows everything about that.

Colours are important to her and she knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t. 

She wants her home and garden to reflect her good taste and personal style.

Patience is not her strong side – she wants quick results whenever she starts.

Impulse buying is her sweet little soft spot.”


Yes, gardeners are on to her. This is the Danish nursery Pedersen’s description of the modern woman. Like the modern woman, the modern nursery needs to adapt to the market, hence Pedersen has developed a new concept. The concept offers a quick way to find the right plants for the pots when rearranging or freshening up after a summer with too much sun and too little water.


The concept is called Garden Symphony and is based on flowering perennials, where you have to wait for a month for them to bloom. They will be blooming when you buy them.

Generally, Pedersen is way ahead. Their season starts with spring onions, ready for the pots, then sprouting vegetables, which can grow in pots or be transplanted in the kitchen garden, and then the perennials.

The perennials Garden Symphony comes in 6 trendy colour themes, with the opportunity to mix and match colours in your own way, not necessarily following the gardener’s proposals.

The perennials chosen are easy perennials with a long blooming-period and which fit in the perennial beds or pots on the terrace. Contrary to summer flowers, perennials live through more seasons. Perennials are winter-hardy plants that thrive in the English latitude. This means that you can enjoy your perennials well into autumn, even though the weather gets cold and rainy. If you protect the pots from frost and fertilize in the growing season, you may enjoy them for many years. If you have a garden, the perennials can, of course, be transplanted into the soil.

Besides the colour combination, the benefit of the concept is that the gardeners have put together perennials which thrive in the same conditions. At the world’s largest flower fair in Essen, Germany, Garden Symphony won a prestigious award in the category Concept in 2016.

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Lars Lund
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