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08 Sep 2020 14:33

DIY: Calle and Helle Hannibal have built their dream greenhouse from recycled materials

By Nanna Stærmose


In five years Calle Hannibal had thought about building his dream greenhouse. All through one winter he sketched and designed the perfect outline that today is a unique greenhouse build solely from recycled materials.

“The bricks in the gable I got from a house that was demolished. Most of the other materials are leftovers from constructions sites” says Calle Hannibal. 

It has been a long but fun time. We cut the first sod last year in Easter and the base was then dug. Even though Calle Hannibal with his carpentry training has experience with the process, he had to admit he sometimes struggled to keep up the spirit. Consequently, the ambitious project stopped in some periods.

“It is a big project and I haven’t made it easy,” says Calle Hannibal. The house has several angles and takes finesse, and he has spent a lot of time both designing and building it. Now the splendour is finished, and Calle is happy with the result. 

“We enjoy the greenhouse so much, but for me, the joy was the process of building it and to see if I could manage the task. The materials have been collected through the years, so it’s been a long time coming” says Calle Hannibal.

Here are five tips from Calle Hannibal – he adds that he would not do it again, but he will gladly share his experience, which The Greenhouse Forum is happy about.


  1. Consider your skills as a carpenter. It is challenging to build your own greenhouse from the bottom.
  2. How big should the greenhouse be? Think about what you are going to use it for. Is it for planting or is it a place to hang out?
  3. Sort out the technical details. Calle has, for example, a 30-degree roof pitch which is perfect for the leaves to slide off. It’s then easier to clean.
  4. Consider how the greenhouse should turn based on the corners of the world and if it should stay clear from the house or attached to the house.
  5. Don’t set a deadline that’s too strict. It is an extensive project and it can be difficult to keep up the spirit. Take into account that you might not be working on it every day.