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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Greenhouse on the balcony

In Copenhagen in Denmark live Frederik and Jin with their two kids. This summer they have invested in a Juliana City Greenhouse for their balcony. It has enriched the family with fresh herbs, tomatoes and even strawberries this summer.


“We have chosen to get a greenhouse on the balcony of multiple reasons. I find the process of planting in the spring and harvesting in the summer very life-affirming. It is a wonderful contrast to the office work, and it brings a lovely calmness to the balcony to have greens. Our 3-year-old daughter thinks it is amazing to follow how cuttings turn into large plants and to see that tomatoes are not just from the grocery store.” says Frederik.

The family grows tomatoes and herbs like basil and rosemary in the greenhouse. The house also has strawberry cuttings and heaps of plants and herbs that need a boost after overwintering in a dark attic.


Frederik’s best tip

My best tip as a balcony greenhouse owner is that if you go on holiday or is not home for a period of time and therefore is not able to irrigate, then fill a 1,5-litre plastic bottle with water and press the top slightly into the pot or flower box. In this way, the water will slowly get absorbed and the plants will stay alive.