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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Winter cosiness and hot chocolate in the greenhouse

At the Kristensen’s they hang out in the greenhouse on cold days.


Text and photos: Nanna Stærmose, the Greenhouse Forum


Just outside Odense, Denmark lives the Kristensen family, which includes Malene and Benjamin and their two sons Marius and Malte. The family has built their own house, which is kept in a modern style, and they have chosen to put up a Juliana Oase on the terrace. Throughout the summer, the family has grown various crops in the greenhouse, while still using it as a place to relax. But even though the warm summer evenings are now far away, the family still uses the greenhouse.


"If we have been out for a long walk, it is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, even if we do not have any kind of heat out here. It is sheltered and we get the lovely sunlight," says Malene Kristensen.

String lights, candle lights, cones and other decorations makes the greenhouse cosy for Christmas

When the sun goes down the Oase turns into a light sculpture in the garden.

Juliana launched the Oase in the spring of 2016. The house is a 145.3 square feet square and has a nice feeling of space, where there is room to both relax and cultivate. Just like the Kristensen family does. Later in the year, Juliana launched a smaller model, the Oase 94.7 square feet, for those who, like the family here, are not enriched with a large terrace or garden. Read more about the Oase at https://greenhouses.com