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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Cultivation and cosiness on just a few square feet

Jesper Riber Olsen from Juliana Greenhouses in Denmark has for ten years helped garden owners find the right greenhouse to fulfil their needs. He lives in a terrace house with his family in the city. His own garden has limited space but Jesper gets the most optimal from his small greenhouse.


Jesper has chosen a Juliana Classic of 47 square feet. The greenhouse is in cedarwood and is magnificent. Despite of the few square feet the greenhouse has a nice height, which makes it possible to utilise the space better.

Jesper wanted to see if it was possible to make 47 square feet a cosy place to hang out and a space for both a cup of coffee and to cultivate tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs.

His greenhouse has a steel base, 1 integral table and 1 integral shelf.


Here is what Jesper did

I quickly found out that the integral table could fit if cut in half, so now I have a small plant table. I then made a wooden floor in 2/3 of the house, which fits an aisle and a place for 2 chairs and a small table.

There are two windows in the ceiling and two in the sides, and you could easily install an automatic window opener on two of the windows.

The two capillary boxes with an integrated self-irrigation system fit perfectly in the end of the greenhouse. The two cucumber plants and 3 different tomato sorts have provided enough for the family of four. The season is ending, so in October the greenhouse will be used to drink coffee while listening to the radio and enjoying the last autumn sun.

I hope this little tour has convinced others that a small greenhouse can be the perfect fit.


Best regards

Jesper Riber Olsen, Juliana Greenhouses, Denmark.