Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Grow Colourful Edibles

Some people choose to grow attractive ornamental plants in their greenhouse while others prefer to grow edibles. But if you choose the plants you grow carefully, a greenhouse packed with edibles needn’t be boring, as there are plenty of colourful crops which look just as good as they taste.

If you like your chillies very hot and want something that looks a bit different to your more usual long, red fruit, ‘Pink Tiger’ might be worth a look. The fruits start off purple before taking on creamy-pink tones, sometimes with stripes and spots.


Ananas Noir 

‘Black Pineapple’ is a multi-coloured, beefsteak-type tomato with green, yellow and red-striped skin and segments of green seeds surrounded by bright red flesh, which creates a striking sight when sliced.

This is a particularly decorative chilli variety with an abundance of fruit which provide a multi-coloured display as they ripen, the purple fruits turning yellow, then orange and finally red. It has a medium amount of heat.

Aubergines are most commonly a deep purple, almost black, but there are white-fruiting varieties such as ‘Clara’ and stripy ones such as ‘Pinstripe’.


Outside in the garden, in vegetable beds and containers, there are plenty of colourful veg to grow here, too.

It’s hard to beat rainbow chard if you want to add colour to your kitchen garden and your plate. The red, pink, yellow and white stems and veins coupled with the dark green foliage take on a stained glass effect when the sun shines through them.

Salad leaves don’t just come in green. There are lettuce varieties that are purple and deep red, and the colourful ‘Freckles’ has apple green leaves speckled with purple.

Yellow courgettes will glow among the large, green foliage, and if you choose the purple and yellow varieties of French beans instead of the more typical green ones, not only will they look more attractive, they’ll also be much easier to spot among the leaves, so you’re less likely to miss pods when harvesting.