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08 Sep 2020 14:33

Soup of Jerusalem artichokes

In April the kids dig up all the Jerusalem artichokes from the Jerusalem artichokes labyrinth. Then we have something to cook in the kitchen, while we wait for the seeds, the kids have planted, to grow.

This is an easy recipe so involve the kids in the kitchen.


For 4 persons you need:

2.2 pounds of Jerusalem artichokes 

1.5 litre of water

2 garlic cloves

1 bunch of thyme 

Salt and pepper


Here’s how:

Strain the Jerusalem artichokes. Cut them in small pieces and put them in a pot with water, garlic and the thyme on top, so they are easy to pull out later.

Boil the Jerusalem artichokes until softened, it takes approximately 10-15 minutes when the water boils.  

Take out the thyme. Pour some of the water into a bowl. Blend the soup and dilute with some of the remaining water if the soup is too thick. 

Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with drops of ramson oil (ramson and an organic oil blended) and a spoonful of drained yoghurt to give it a little acid.