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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Eight tips for your delicate plants

Protect your plants


Eight tips for your plants

Plants that do not tolerate frost need to be put in warmer surroundings. If you don’t have the space for them, you can use your greenhouse.


1: Cover your greenhouse with bubble wrap for greenhouses, not the one for packages, and put up 4-8 inches of polystyrene pieces by the footing.

2: Make the area in the greenhouse smaller by dividing it up into smaller rooms using bubble wrap or put up a small plastic greenhouse inside the greenhouse. Put your plants in the smaller rooms. In periods with frost, you can add heat to the greenhouse using a gas heater.

3: Remember to provide fresh air to the plants when there is no frost, otherwise the plants may rot.

4: Empty the pots from soil and plants and transplant the plants into a bed in the greenhouse. Cover with leaves and straw.

5: Remember to heat up the greenhouse if there is frost. If there is little frost you can manage with a candle or a small oil heater. If there is more frost you need an electric heater or a gas heater.

6: The alternative is to send your plants to a plant hotel or to make an insulated room which is frost-proof and with windows to bring in light.

7: Small pots can be covered with a mat around the pot.

8: Vegetables from the garden are best kept in a dark frost-free room.

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