Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

This year´s garden trends

Garden trends: More fun and games in the gardens

Garden architects believe that young adults´ gardens are largely arranged in the same way. The garden is framed by a privet hedge, and behind the hedges is a giant lawn and a trampoline.

However, it is a very narrow thought. Of course, there are such gardens, because the garden has become a sanctuary that must not be cared for too much. If you think that relaxation is doing nothing in the garden, you are mistaken. The young adults and elders for that matter, want kitchen gardens, and preferably combined with a social community.


The urban garden

In recent years, the trend within the garden has been marked by a new discovery of the kitchen garden. It started in the detached house garden but has now also got a good and thorough grip in the middle of the city. Urban gardening or Urban farming has become an international movement and is often characterized by a very high level of social awareness. Horticulture is used as therapy for people who need peace and quiet, and the food produced is shared with those who do not have the surplus or physical opportunities to participate.

Cackling chickens and more peace

Tranquillity and balance are precisely the trends that a large English trends organization predicts will be the main trend in the gardens in the coming years. People need the garden when they want to get away from the daily stress, reads the report Gardens Trends Report 2014.

The new thing now is that you mix all the world's cultures in your own garden and unite the exotic with the local domestic traditions. Chickens in the backyard, self-sufficiency, urban kitchen gardens and sustainability are currently big hits. Also, vegetables with a high vitamin content and particularly good antioxidants are also currently the big hit.

Animal-friendly gardens

More and more people are decorating their gardens much more animal -riendly. Insect hotels, bee and butterfly plants and good nesting places for the birds are a must. Most garden owners avoid spraying with chemicals for the sake of wildlife.


Garden trends can also be seen every year at Europe's largest garden exhibition Chelsea Flowershow, which was held in June. A large part of the show-gardens that were shown had wildflowers as a touch. Maybe you should not be so upset about having ground elder in the garden. The wild combined with the culturally created has become an it-thing. It would be seen as combinations in perennial beds or as lots of beach gardens.